Christmas Basket and Angel Tree 2015

Would you like to contribute financially to
our Christmas Baskets and Angel Tree program?

$25 buys a new toy for a child.
$150 buys a Christmas Basket, complete with everything a family needs for a Christmas dinner.
However, any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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This is a family friendly outreach. Everyone is welcome to help out!

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About this Outreach ministry

Our Christmas Basket ministry touches the lives of over 1,300 people in the Scarborough area... 350 being children 12 years old and under. Below is a description of the different areas of our program.

Consider getting involved – it will be an exciting and fulfilling experience for you!

Christmas Basket and Angel Tree Information
TOYS: We are asking for $25 donation per child, allowing gifts of the same value to be bought for children receiving gifts in the same family. Approximately 350 are expected to register for 2015. Any amount is appreciated. Donate online.
FOOD: Funds are raised through Missions Convention 2015 and offerings to help purchase the food needed. A $150 sponsorship feeds a family. Again, any amount is appreciated. Donate online.
LOCATION: We will be using our own facility, the APC GYM, to prepare and then distribute the Christmas Baskets.

DRIVERS: We register our drivers with specific families so we know each recipient has a volunteer delivering their supplies. If you would like to deliver a basket, please register by Sunday, December 1.

DEPOT: At each depot, help will be needed to organize the depot, confirm recipients when they come to pick-up, help those that need assistance to their apartment, or deliver Baskets/Toys within the apartment complex if recipient is unable to come down to the depot. In the case of the Kingston Road Depot, a car will be needed to drive recipient to their building (only up the street). Please bring a friend or partner-up with another volunteer when driving someone to their home.

Christmas Basket and Angel Tree Timeline (in the Gym)



Friday, November 27 at 12 pm

This is preparing the gym for Saturday morning (the next day) toy wrap – setting up tables, organizing the gifts by gender/age, putting out supplies, tagging gifts with the children's names


Saturday, November 28 at 9 am

Wrappers for toys, bagging gifts by family names, ribbon makers & tying off bags, table managers and admin support


Monday, November 30 at 10 am

Assembling the boxes that will become the Christmas Baskets, numbering the boxes, and stacking them


Thursday, December 3 at 7 pm 

Both men and women needed!

  • putting food into the baskets
  • sealing of boxes then matching with their box-mate
  • labeling boxes by family name
  • stacking according to groups
  • grocery boxes tied off for recycling as they empty


Saturday, December 5

  • 9 am – loading of trucks of TCC & Community Connections stops
  • 10 am – 35 drivers needed – each driver would get 2 to 3 families to deliver to– delivering baskets to those receiving Christmas Baskets in the Scarborough area – CAR & FRIEND required – we don’t want you to go alone!
  • 10:30 am – Community Connection Depot Volunteers to help organize the depot, helping any recipients home that need assistance –  you need a car to get to depots (Bay Mills - Birchmount and Sheppard or Chester Le - Pharmacy and Finch)