Cleansing Discipleship

When people experience personal healing and deliverance, often as the result of participating in the Cleansing Stream Course, many desire to learn how to help others have the same experience.  The pre-requisite to this course is a ten week course in “Cleansing Stream.”

Cleansing Discipleship is an in-depth nine-month course. The class may vary in size from ten to twenty five members, depending on registration.  Topics include:

  • Jesus Christ, the Deliverer
  • The Name of Jesus
  • The Blood of Jesus
  • Call to Intercede and much more…
At Cleansing Discipleship Course individuals are expected to participate in the following sessions:
1.    Teaching – accomplished through monthly DVD teachings
2.    Training – provided through the homework materials including: workbooks; books; audio CD’s and practical application (putting what is learnt into practice)
3.    Reaching – takes place as the team prays for people within the congregation, for each other, and as they minister at retreats

Registration: For the course, we will be working with nine manuals. Cost for the materials are $125 per person. A deposit is required for securing a spot ($75).

To sign up, please contact Pastor Keith Preston.