Converge Young Adults (25 to 39)

Fridays at 7:30 pm | APC Chapel


Pastor Jan Mokund
Assistant to the Senior Pastor, Converge Young Adults (25 to 39) Pastor
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2 Converge Summer Studies; Fridays 7:30 pm in the south lobby Chapel here at APC

AugustMaking Your Life Fit

Keeping “fit” is a relentless never stop for a minute battle. Be it the battle of the bulge, the battle of the sexes, or the battle of the just plain keeping your head above water, it takes work to have a healthy life.  I get that; and this month at Converge I’d really want to help!


We may not be able to tackle every hurdle you face, but join me over the next 3 weeks as we learn how to make life a little healthier in these 3 areas:

Here’s how the month will go:


August 7 Friendships – Does God care and know how challenging friendships can be??

August 14 – Fitness Bring your sports gear and meet us in the APC gymnasium for a night of sports and physical activity.  We’ll even have some healthy snacks! 

August 21 – Faith  We thought this would be a great night to hear some of our Convergers faith stories.  This will be a special night of testimonies, plus some help  for your personal journey.

August 28 – Fellowship We’ll end the month, and the summer, and the series with a BBQ here at the church.  Bring your favorite dessert or salad.  We’ll supply the burgers and the ‘dogs!

And … mark your calendars for our first Converge service for the fall season:  Friday September 18, 2015; here at APC

Please email me for more details.  jmokund@apchurch.

Converge Fall - 2015

September: "LIFE NOTES 101" - A Study from Ecclesiastes

Some liken the book of Ecclesiastes to a great jazz song where the ending, the final bar just doesn't resolve.  The song leaves you hanging in an intriguing way. That's Ecclesiastes!

As part of the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes reflects on life; its joys and injustices, its brevity and bare realties, and invites you to discover where God fits in the mix.  It's not a book of tidy answers to life's problems; mostly because the author knew that life is rarely neat and tidy. Ecclesiastes will push you to deeply ponder; to write your own resolutions.  The Author, Solomon himself says "I saw all the work and ways of God and it became clear to me that no one is able to grasp fully this mystery called life."  (8:17)  Isn't that the truth, but together this fall, we're going to try!

If you've got a philosophical bent, this study is for you!

If you've ever felt critical, cynical or mad about life, oh man... this study is for you.

If you ever wondered what happened to the wealthiest, wisest play-boy King of all times, - this is a study for you!

And... if you've ever wanted to know the secret to the most enjoyable fulfilled God-blessed life possible... THIS IS A STUDY FOR YOU!

Guaranteed you'll be challenged, dumbfounded and inspired, often at the same time. That's Solomon for you!

Our study begins at Friday September 18, 2015 at 7:30pm in the South Lobby Chapel, here at APC. Hope to see you there!