Converge Young Adults (25 to 39)

Fridays at 7:30 pm | APC Chapel


Pastor Jan Mokund
Assistant to the Senior Pastor, Converge Young Adults (25 to 39) Pastor
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Converge Fall 2014; Begins September 26, Fridays 7:30 pm, APC, South Lobby Chapel

Refusing to Cut Corners on What Matters Most!­

I’ve cut corners in my life. There: the truth is out. I’ve “adjusted” recipes; grazed over instructions and half listened to advice, and it’s cost me, dearly. You too?? Have you ever “sort of told the truth”, or said “it’s all good”, while you secretly festered away on the inside? If a secret webcam accompanied you on a normal day, would we be shocked or pleasantly surprised?  

On the resume of your character, what words would be found?

Godly? Honest? Optimistic? Careful? Truth-teller? Committed? Generous? Or… could it go the other way?

I’m not promising a makeover this fall, but I do know as we seek to follow Christ in every area of our lives, we can’t help but have some character “adjustments” for the good. And I need that! 

Join us for this new series on godly character. 

We begin Friday September 26; 7:30pm.

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