Elevation - High School

Friday nights at 7 pm in the Gym


Pastor Will Natividad

Questions? Email Me.

Elevation is the youth group (or high school ministry, if you will) of Agincourt Pentecostal Church. Our aim is to help high school students BEGIN with Jesus, BELONG with us, and BE READY to help others BEGIN.

Here's what that means:

BEGINNING with Jesus means actually beginning a real relationship with Him as you begin to see what He's like from the pages of the Bible. What's crazy is that as you're learning more about Him, you actually begin to know Him relationally (not just informationally, in other words, not just knowing facts about Him). When this happens, you begin to love Him, trust Him, and follow Him. Crazy, right?!

BELONGING with us means feeling at home with other Christ-followers. It's knowing and feeling that you belong in this family because what unites everybody in it is one love for the same God, for others in His family, and for those outside His family who He wants to reach through His very family (including you).

BEING READY to help others is what should naturally happen as you begin to love Jesus because as your love for Him grows, so should your love for what He loves. Jesus loves people. So should you. So you become ready to help others BEGIN a relationship with Jesus just as you were helped and you become ready to serve others as a way of making Jesus look good wherever you're at.

In short, BEGINNING, BELONGING, and, BEING READY means growing in love with Jesus, His family, and His mission.

Elevation is led by Pastor Will Natividad along with a team of caring adults. We'd love to meet you and learn how to follow the Lord Jesus with you.

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