Frequently Asked Questions

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  • top Can anyone attend?
    Yes, people of all ages and cultural backgrounds are welcome.
  • top When are the weekend services?
    At our central site (2885 Kennedy Road)
            Saturdays at 6:00 pm
        Sundays at 9:00 and 11:00 am
    At our satellite churches (Toronto Community Churches)
            Hope Community Church – 10:30 am
            Parkway Forest Community Church – 10:30 am
            Kingston Road Community Church – 10:30 am
            Ling Fu Pentecostal Church – 11:00 am
  • top What can I expect if I attend?
    We sing songs together about God. The musicians, choir, vocalists, and leaders prepare songs from a variety of musical styles to help encourage all of us in our spiritual journey. The teaching is usually from a series and always based on Scripture with a strong focus on application to our personal lives.
  • top What should I wear?
    We are probably one of the most diverse churches on the planet. And that goes for what people wear at our services as well. At our Sunday services, some dress semi formal, some casual and others wear something in between. 

    Our Saturday night gathering is more casual. So, wear what you are comfortable in and you should be comfortable at our church.
  • top Why do you have a Saturday evening service and how is it different from Sunday morning?
    Saturday Night Gathering (SNG) was originally designed for Torontonians whose work, travel or personal schedule did not allow them to attend on Sunday, but it has become the regular service of choice for over 200 of our Church family. It is more casual in dress, music and approach, but the pastor’s teaching is the same as on Sunday morning.
  • top What are Toronto Community Churches (TCC’s)?
    Our Church family meets at the central site (Kennedy & Finch) plus at four other “satellite” locations to better serve Torontonians in their geographic area or language group. 
    For more information on Toronto Community Churches, please click here.