Often times, when some passes away, family members are at a loss of what to do.  Because this is an emotional and stressful time for everyone, we would like to offer some helpful suggestions to assist you and avoid unnecessary costs or mistakes.

  • If the deceased attended Agincourt Pentecostal Church, contact the church and seek the assistance of a Pastor of your choice.  This person will offer the support needed before, during and after the funeral.
  • Contact at least two Funeral homes in your immediate area and ask what services are provided and at what cost.
  • Because family members often have to travel great distances, plan the funeral service to allow time for their travel.
  • The family has the choice whether  the service is held at the church or at a funeral home.  Providing it doesn’t conflict with other events, our church facilities are available to APC families for the service. Unfortunately, church facilities are not available for funeral lunches or receptions.  
  • Funeral Directors are professionals trained to serve the needs and wishes of family members.  All details will be handled by them regarding viewing times, transportation, burial arrangements, etc.
  • Flower shops provide a wide variety of arrangements as desired by family and friends.  It may be the desire of the family to have donations made in lieu of flowers.  Funeral homes as well as our church can offer suggestions if requested.

Funerals and memorials currently taking place