Checking-In Your Children

As of September 8/9, 2012 APC Student Ministries are using a program called KidCheck, so that parents and guardians can securely check-in their children, newborn and up to Grade 5, into our programs.

  • Visitors to our church can set up an account before their visit so that those who will be caring for your children have all the information that they need (your child's allergies, for example). On arrival, all you have to do is enter your 10-digit phone number and your child is signed in!

How does KidCheck work?

You create an account at home.
Enter your family's information (contact info, photos, allergy info, designate authorized guardians, etc.).
Arrive at church.
Enter your 10-digit phone number to check your child in.
All done.

KidCheck is a web-based program that is accessible anywhere you have internet. You can update your information at anytime. Once you check your child in and the volunteer needs to contact you while you are in service, they simply send you a text to the phone number you have provided.

» Create your account now!

Important Note: Parents, thank you for picking up your children immediately after the service.