Ladies Time Out

Tuesday mornings at 9 am


Pastor Jan Mokund
Assistant to the Senior Pastor, Converge Young Adults (25 to 39) Pastor
Questions? Email Me.
or call 416.291.9575 ext. 273

Do you have Tuesday mornings available and you're looking for an opportunity to know new friends, plus grow in your faith by studying God's Word? If that's you, then please consider yourself warmly invited to Ladies Time Out for a morning of good fellowship and study in the Scriptures. We'd really love to have you!

Ladies Time Out is a weekly Tuesday morning Bible Study, running twice annually, from January to March, and September to the end of November, 9 am to 11 am. It is open to all ladies.

Ladies Time Out Winter Session

Begins Tuesday January 27, 2015; 9am in the south lobby Chapel.

We begin our winter session with a 3 week study by Pastor Jan – “CHARACTER MATTERS" - Refusing to Cut Corners on What Matters Most!­

I’ve cut corners in my life.  There:   the truth is out.  I’ve “adjusted” recipes; grazed over instructions and half listened to advice, and it’s cost me, dearly.  You too?? Have you ever “sort of told the truth”, or said “it’s all good”, while you secretly festered away on the inside? 

On the resume of your character, what words would be found?  Godly? Honest? Optimistic? Truth-teller? Generous?

Or… could it go the other way?

I’m not promising a total makeover this January, but I do know as we seek to follow Christ in every area of our lives, we can’t help but have some character “adjustments” for the good.  And I need that! 

 Hope you come study with us Tuesdays!  Coffee is always hot and the fellowship is great!  All ladies are welcome.