About CreativeAPC

The Music, Art and Media Team at APC represent a very large group of amazing volunteers who take care of all the music, drama, video, dance, lighting, sound, and media that happens in the main services week in and week out.

The Staff Team

Matt Smith - oversees the team members as well as giving direct leadership to the instrumental musicians, volunteer worship leaders and production team. He’s been at APC since January 2008.

Bart Anestin - the main in-house media designer. His work ranges from video trailers for upcoming series to the design of the bulletin. He’s been at APC since 2014.

Jeff Muir - a sound engineer by trade, he gives leadership to all the technical show trades (sound, lighting, etc) in our Main Auditorium, the Loft and Chapel. He’s been at APC since June 2008.

Natalie Stewart - her main focus is to provide leadership to the Choir and vocal teams, but she helps out in numerous other areas. She's been at APC since October 2012.

Anita Layne - provides administrative support for our department and teams. She's been at APC since November 2012.

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