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This class, which is a pre-requisite for membership at Agincourt Pentecostal Church and Toronto Community Churches, includes:?
  • What we are about
  • Understanding my SHAPE
  • Understanding Our Ministries
  • What We Believe
Membership classes with Pastor Smith and Pastor Jan Mokund are designed to help you discover where we are going as a church and how we can serve Christ effectively together. We look forward to sharing with you the exciting vision of APC/TCC, and to sharing this session with you.

Our next Membership Session will be announced.

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Notes will be distributed for these classes (please bring a pen/pencil) and attendance is a pre-requisite for membership.

An interview will be scheduled at least one week after the class for those applying for membership.
We’re in for a great time together. See you in class!

If you would like to become a member, please contact Pastor Jan Mokund at jmokund[at] or call (416) 291-9575 ext. 273.