Missions Projects

How we are partnering with our missionaries

Exciting work is happening all over the world – bringing the good news of God's great love! Learn more about the projects that were presented during our services. Let's partner with our missionaries!

Week 1 - North America
Week 1 - Latin America & the Caribbean

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Rev. Samuel Rodriguez
Sacramento, CA
Creating a new future for Hispanic children through education scholarships.
The Philip Aziz Centre
Toronto, Ontario
Spiritual and bereavement care for those suffering with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-limiting illnesses

Philip Aziz Centre's Spiritual and Bereavement Care Program is an intregal part of good hospice end of life care and is offered to all our clients and their loved ones. Spiritual care is provided by a professional chaplain ordained by PAOC, who is able to minister in diversity, meeting people in their place of need, and understands the importance of connection with faith and reconciliation of broken relationships. Volunteers trained in pastoral visitation are also available to respond to the spiritual needs of individuals and their loved ones, under the supervision of the chaplain.

Spiritual Care encompasses beliefs, values, and hopes which influence choices and perspectives and offer peace and connectedness for many of PAC's clients.

Christmas Baskets
Toronto, Ontario

APC Outreach to provide Christmas baskets for 250 or more deserving families in our community

APC has been reaching out to its community by providing Christmas Baskets for over 25 years. By purchasing the food directly thru a supplier it allows for fresh food (perishable & nonpershiable), consistency of content for each basket and saves on cost (rental costs) and effort and time, of finding an offsite facility to use for food storage. By buying in bulk, we also receive significant discounts, being told when items we are purchasing for the baskets will be going on sale and receiving those items at that cost, allowing for significant discounts. By raising the funds thru our congregation, it allows the ministry to maintain its goal of almost total congregational participation thru volunteer and monetary involvement. By raising and using the funds this way, we get more out of our dollar, have food items that fresh and of quality brand names, and save on huge amounts of time and physical effort, then by canvassing for actual food donations.

Dan Collado Aboriginal Bible Academy, PAOC
Development of Biblical study centres in aboriginal communities
Paul Corriveau
Carrefour Chrétien de la Capitale, Québec City
Reaching the Bhutanese immigrant community in Quebec City.
Bonita Ledua
SCA International, Eagle's Cove, ON

Increased ministry opportunities in Northern Ontario among the First Nations people and growing facilities at SCA Eagle's Cove mean a great need for additional missionaries/staff to come on-board. The construction of a house is well on its way, thanks, in-part, to the APC team that assisted with building as well as doing outreach in Thunder Bay July of 2012. The purchasing of appliances, estimated at $5000 would assist another missionary family to be able to move into a home that has appliances in place, easing the move to northern Ontario that they plan to make in the fall of 2012

STM to Thunder Bay, ON
Pastor Dale Tollefson $1,000
Support for APC/TCC short term mission team to Thunder Bay, ON to serve at a summer camp for Native children.
David Martin & Cinthia Richards
Haut Zone – Moncton, NB

Campus Ministry to the French Acadian population at the University of Moncton

Haut Zone is a francophone ministry on the campus of the University of Moncton, led by Cinthia Richard (unpaid position; is PAOC credential holder) of “Église Nouvelle Espérance”. In fact, one third of NB’s population are “Acadians” with French as their first language. Less than 0.5% of francophones in Canada know the Lord. But we believe that by reaching out the university students, we are reaching to the future leaders of our nation. We see anywhere from 25-55 students attending our weekly meetings and many giving their lives to Christ through this ministry. The Église Nouvelle Espérance is a small congregation and is not financially self-sufficient.

Jim Poirier
PAOC Manitoba District
Preparing the next generation of Aboriginal leaders in Manitoba to bring healing to their communities.
Dave Sawler
Glace Bay, NS

Outreach events in New Waterford, NS, a community with almost no evangelical witness.

In the summer of 2013 Lighthouse is launching a new church in New Waterford, NS. A community with almost no evangelical witness. We are going to be doing a series of outreach events in July and August to help start and spread the news of this new work. This will include several VBS', concerts, sports camps, and community blessing projects. We are bringing in teams from across Canada to be involved and are now looking to raise some supportfor the costs of these outreach events.

Matt Janes
STM Network, PAOC
Training and equipping APC’s short term missions teams for ministry in 2013.
Toronto Community Churches Pastor Dale Tollefson $30,000
Helping our TCC’s respond to the dramatic increase in TDSB school rental fees.
Joanna Yee Rahab Ministry, Toronto $1,500

Christmas gift bags containing cosmetic items, fashion accessories and Gospel materials for girls in the sex trade. ($1500 will buy about 100 gift bags).

The past several Christmas Rahab Ministry went to various massage parlours and sang carols to the women there. They gave them gift bags which contained small cosmetic items, candies, and gospel tracks. This year they will carolling again and greet them with the true good news of Christmas.

Each gift bag cost around $15. They plan to distribute at least 300 gifts. They need our help to make it happen. Right now they are looking for sponsors to help us with the cost of the gifts. Our donation will give hope and light to those who are trapped in desperation and darkness.

Yonge Street Mission Toronto, ON $2,500

After-school programs for youth in grades 6 to 12, with the goal of giving an opportunity for a better future.

YSM is seeking funding to help sustain its Youth Program ministry. Our youth programs offer after-school programs for youth aged 11-18 years (grades 6-12) with the goal of creating opportunities for youth to better their future. Through participation in sports and recreation, educational enrichment, cultural arts, community service, career education and youth leadership, young people will develop skills needed to help them manage their lives. Participants in our youth programs go on field trips and benefit from community activities as well as volunteer activities. Mentoring and leadership training are an integral part of our youth programming.


Hector Aragon PAOC Missionary, Guatemala $2,000

Materials to finish the walls, roof structure and floor of a church building in Jutiapa, Guatemala

Resources are needed to finish church walls up to the ring beam, labor, roof structure and floor.

The local congregation in Comapa, Jutiapa… Assembly of God "New Song" and pastor Obed Ordonies got the best use of our contribution last year to help them build a church. They started construction this past April. The congregation put the labor to dig the trenches for the foundation, the clearing of the land and the building up to now. They ran out of steam (resources) at the end of July and are now requesting more help to continue building this church.

Alex Cetrulo PAOC Missionary, Costa Rica

Constructing a church/breakfast kitchen for the aboriginal reserve in Cartago, Costa Rica.

They would like to build a church in a very poor area in the rainforrest of Costa Rica (an Aboringinal Reserve). This building would not only be used as a church, but also as a breakfast kitchen since there are many children in extreme poverty, and as a teaching centre to build leaders in this community. They have been granted the land by the government but it has been difficult to start construction because the costs are too high for them.

STM to Costa Rica
Pastor Dale Tollefson
Support for APC/TCC short term mission team to Cartago, Costa Rica to minister in underprivileged communities.
Cartland Palmer PAOC Missionary, Jamaica

A fence around a vocational training centre in Jamaica to provide safety for students.

They are partnering with HEART Trust NTA, the government training agency to offer courses that are recognized internationally. The courses help people who are unschooled and untrained so they will excel in their studies (eg. General Construction, Housekeeping, Agriculture, Literacy).

They want to build a fence around their compound for security for the students.

Keith Parks SEEDS International, Guyana

Discipleship courses for children in public schools in Guyana.

Seeds International is forging ahead into the country of Guyana in 2013. We have accepted an invitation from Intervasity (ISCF) to  provide the Seedlings study for 100 classrooms (3600 to 4000 students). Since the country is a new field for Seeds International we must provide complete teacher's kits, teacher training sessions with trainers from Canada and introductory short-term teams for each school. Each student will receive a printed copy of "Seedlings" either sent from Canada or produced locally through our USB and Internet teacher provisions. A take-home New Testament is also generously supplied by the Canadian Bible Society for each student.

Adrian Thomas PAOC Missionary, Dominican Republic $2,700
Materials to complete the floor and walls of a church building in Pajita, Dominican Republic.

Pastor Benita presently meets in an empty rented home in the city of Pajita DR. The church is small in number, but strong in their faith. They have been praying for God to provide a church building for them. Recently, the church was given a piece of land. In partnership with us, we began to build a church for the glory of God. We have been able to pour the foundation, put the walls up, and put a roof on the new church building. Presently, we are trying to raise the funds to complete this church. We still need to finish fine coating the walls, pouring a concrete floor, and put in doors and windows.

  • We still need to prep the floor and pour the floor ($1400)
  • The fine coating and platform costs ($1300)