Small Groups

At various locations and times throughout the week

Small Groups Ministry is a program in which small groups of people regularly meet to share their lives and insight with one another, while developing warm caring relationships. It encourages us to grow deeper in our Christian walk as we experience community in meaningful ways through Bible study, discussion, prayer and fellowship. It also brings us together in ways that allow us to share our celebrations, challenges, cares, and crises, as we choose.

Do you feel alone on your journey of faith? Do you attend church but have not been able to connect with fellow Christians? Do you have questions about God, the Bible, faith and life in general? Do you have questions about the Christian faith and would like to explore it? Or would you like to belong and grow and do life together with others. If you answered yes to any of the above questions then join us at one of our small groups.

As Richard Lamb in his book The pursuit of God in the Company of Friends reminds us, “we were created to seek God, and we were created to find him with others.”  

About our Small Groups:

  • Most of our Small Groups are in operation in the fall, winter and spring with the exception of a few that runs all year long.
  • A session runs for approximately twelve weeks
  • Small Groups are at various locations and time in and around the Toronto area
  • Most of our Small Groups follow the study for each season
  • A small fee of $5.00  for the lesson book and is obtained at the small group
  •  Other Small Groups are using different material for their study
How Can I Join a Small Group?
  • If you need help in determining the best group for your needs, please email the Small  Group Pastor Austin Moore at amoore[at] or call (416) 291-9575 ext. 246.
Small Group Leaders
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