The Meeting Place

Wednesday nights at 7 pm, in the Chapel

   An engaging mid-week spiritual growth and connection opportunity for
   children and adults at our APC Campus

   Join us at 7pm, Wednesdays continues in February, 2016.

   Come on in out of the cold; we'll have some hot coffee and some wonderful study
   opportunities as we unpack our weekend teaching themes. There are the courses and
   programs available for you on Wednesday nights:


God’s Will and Me... not as complicated as you might think! 

Tying in with our weekend teaching times on “PLANNING”, we’re going to unpack this theme together over the next 3 Wednesday evenings
  • February 3 - “God’s Will and Me”  What is God’s will for my body, my soul and spirit?
  • February 10 - “God’s Will and My Plans” – let’s prioritize, avoid pitfalls and persist in what’s good!
  • February 17 - “God’s Will and my Peeps”  - what about my family, friends, and work?
Begin with Christ is a group of people who come together to discuss questions people have as they begin their faith journey with Jesus Christ. We will look at who Jesus is, what it means to be a follower of Jesus, how to read your Bible, and how to express and live out your new faith. Begin with Christ is a great next step for those new to faith; we would love to connect with you!
Join other parents for conversation and parenting helps in a relaxing child-free space
Our goal is to create a place where you can connect with others who are familiar with the challenges that young families face and discuss ideas about how to navigate this journey without losing our minds. Come, relax, grab a coffee, and let's talk about how to really win at home!
God's Will (AndyStanley)

God has a personal vision for our lives, and He wants us to know it even more than we do. But determining God's will can be a difficult process, especially when we need to make a decision in a hurry. The Discovering God's Will DVD will take you through the important steps of decision making, pursuing God's will, seeking counsel from others, learning to use discernment, and understanding the mind of God through Scripture as you seek His will. 

For Your Children Please check-in your kids in the Student Ministry Wing:

For more details, please contact Pastor Jan Mokund.