Our Mission, Values & Vision

It is the mission of Agincourt Pentecostal Church and our Toronto Community Churches to help people of the Toronto area experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to lead people of all ages and backgrounds to become Spirit-filled Christians whose life priority is to daily live and witness for Christ.

1. MINISTRY TO GOD – through loving worship, honest prayer, financial integrity and daily service
2. MINISTRY FROM GOD – through relevant and balanced teaching of the Scriptures as our authority for equipping Christians to grow in demonstrating the Lordship of Christ over all areas of their lives
3. MINISTRY TO CHRIST FOLLOWERS – where we care for one another with the qualities of attractive love and unity amidst diversity that Christ said His followers would be known for
4. MINISTRY TO UNREACHED AND SEEKERS – by reaching people in our community, country and world through the communication of the Gospel, accompanied by good deeds


Our vision is to lead our Central and Satellite Churches to take further steps to reach people so that when they BEGIN life with Christ they grow as disciples to where they have a sense of BELONGing in our Church family and are ongoingly equipped by Pastors to BE-READY for ministry to others.